For over 40 years Egis has been a leader in road infrastructure operations on the Continent and worldwide. By taking a whole life-cycle approach to transport solutions and roads asset management, Egis creates alignment of interest with its clients, users and communities at large. This approach results in better service levels and customer experience, lower operational costs, longer usable life of road assets, improved user experience and greater levels of safety, interoperability and integration of land-based transport networks.

Working closely with its partners, Egis develops, integrates, and operates innovative solutions (“Smart Mobility”) to help public transport authorities manage and integrate their various modes of public transports, improve operational and traffic management outcomes, safety levels, high maintenance standards, value-added services and a superior experience to road users and public transport commuters.

Our main objective is to leverage off technology and our unique Back-Office expertise and Integration capability to deliver end-to-end, seamless public transport operation solutions to our clients.

Mobility services

Shaping the Mobility of the Future

Our services apply to both urban and peri-urban areas - principally in the following sectors of public transport:

  • Provincial Roads and national highways
  •  Urban Roads
  • On-Street Parking
  • Cable-cars and tramways
  • Metros and subways
  • Bus Rapid transit
  • Light and Commuter Rail

Central to Road Mobility within Egis is our dedicated Easytrip brand – which is a global champion of interoperability and Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), as well as Smart on-street Parking solutions and Speed Monitoring Enforcement with the provision of customized solutions to main metropolitan areas, provinces, and national back-offices.

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Smart Urban Mobility has become a cornerstone of urban planning policy. Smart cities require genuine inter-modality with smooth connections between various transport mode. Egis South Africa’s ambition is to play a pivotal role in not only improved operation and maintenance of the various public transport networks but also they enhanced integration – with a strong focus on reliability, safety, green performance and user-friendliness.

mobility services

mobility services 2

Our ability to integrate the latest innovative technologies into our Operational solutions is at the core of our unique value proposition to public transport agencies on the Continent. Among those innovations, Egis Operation South Africa is particularly active in promoting:

  • MaaS (Mobility as a Service), by providing services to the driver and solutions to facilitate traveling from door to door (community car schemes, carpooling, car sharing, etc.)
  • Connected infrastructures, particularly interactive roads: use the data provided by connected vehicles to design new services to traffic authorities, provide digital modeling technology to improve the performance of self-driving cars, integrate self-driving cars into traffic management systems





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