Project Structuring

For over 40 years Egis has been a leader in road infrastructure operations on the Continent and worldwide. By taking a whole life-cycle approach to transport solutions and roads asset management, Egis creates alignment of interest with its clients, users and communities at large. This approach results in better service levels and customer experience, lower operational costs, longer usable life of road assets, improved user experience and greater levels of safety, interoperability and integration of land-based transport networks.

Egis has unrivalled global experience in project development, structuring, investment in motorways, bridges and tunnels – including whole life-cycle management.

Transport Infrastructure

Egis – Your Partner of Choice for Transport PPPs in South Africa

Egis is recognized as a world-class developer of public-private partnerships in the transport sector across various asset classes, such as toll roads and airports. By coupling its Operator’s expertise to its Equity Sponsor role, Egis brings a value-add offering and an informed view of whole life-cycle investment and asset management to its partners in the various Concessions it invests in.


Our Global PPP Footprint

Egis is a long-term investor with 70 years of institutional capacity in PPPs and project financing transactions as well as in operations, maintenance and whole life cycle management which naturally aligns the interest of all long-term stakeholders in the development of such projects – thus, a very attractive value proposition to infrastructure and portfolio investors, lending institutions and road agencies.

An Equity Investor / Developer in Airports

An Equity Investor / Developer in Airports

On the Continent, Egis is invested in the following assets:

We focus on both greenfield and brownfield projects as an Integrated Investor/Operator – such as:

  • Greenfield PPP or Concessions tenders
  • Greenfield or recent Brownfield projects where Egis align interests between the Grantor (Public Authority) and the EPC + Finance Contractor by mitigating the collection risk and managing the value of the asset over time
  • Mature Brownfield assets where financial investors seek to partner with an Investor/Operator able to invest capital (Periodic Maintenance or Capacity Augmentation) as well as stimulate the operation and maintenance of the asset by bringing international best practices, new protocols, and upgraded technology.

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